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Bob is a results-driven Service Delivery Expert with an unwavering focus on delivering world-class satisfaction for internal and external customers. With a broad range of technical and business experience across multiple industries, he drives business value for all stakeholders through continuous process improvements. Consistently achieving results by developing and retaining top talent, introducing best practices and standards, reengineering inefficient processes and systems, and building high-performance infrastructures that support multimillion-dollar profit growth, cost cuts, and operating efficiencies.


  • Bob is one of those rare executives who always get great results. I have had the pleasure of working closely with him at NuAxis and saw first-hand how he operates - he is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, diligent and operates with the highest standards of integrity. He brings passion to his work. An advocate for his staff, he cares about their progress. There are some people you want to associate with as consistent winners, and Bob is in that league. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Bob.

    -Imran A.
  • Bob is a rare combination of subject matter expertise and operational acumen. His ability to navigate complex programs through insightful analysis and proactive stakeholder engagement is an asset to our company. There are many who claim to be IT leaders. Bob is one of the few who are the real deal.

    -Raza L.
  • Bob is a person with great expertise and deep background of business solutions. Bob was a fantastic person to work with.

    -Zach F.
  • Bob is a smart, articulate, ethical and honest businessman and a positive role model for honest, ethical dealings in both his personal and professional life.

    -Rick H.
  • Bob's commitment to his work and team members is apparent in everything he does. People love working with him. He brings team work and motivation to each challenge.

    -Sheryl S.
  • Bob's success in driving customer satisfaction through a customer centric service delivery model is commendable. His combination of technical and process knowledge, mixed with an understanding of customer perception is an asset that will add great value to any services organization. Bob understands the art of "give and take" and perfects the balance between sales and delivery.

    -Andre C.