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Measurable results fast! Develop and retain top talent, introduce best practices, re-engineer inefficient processes and systems, and build high-performance teams.

Consulting Topics…

NuAxis Award

Industry Insights
Service and support never stops evolving. We must evolve with it, or risk being left behind. Bob will provide fresh and sometimes revolutionary perspectives on the service and support industry.

Executive Vison
Bob works with CIOs and senior business executives who are responsible for their organizations’ strategic direction, long-term planning, and support vision to address provocative support perspectives and emerging trends, and is designed to challenge your established thinking, generate new constructs for service excellence, and engage you in stimulating dialogue.

Service Management Excellence
Bob brings the latest approaches to enhancing the service desk, infrastructure, and technical support through service management and helps you discover the latest techniques and practices for increasing business value of the support organization and achieving your organizational objectives.

Support Center Optimization
Bob delves into the concepts and best practices that promote process improvement and operational efficiency and effectiveness, all of which are critical to support center optimization. Bob brings 25+ years experiences with implementing new services, facilitating process adoption, and keeping pace with emerging trends with a focus on quality assurance and continuous service improvement.

Team Dynamics
Bob educates on the key principles and strategies related to leadership, team building, motivation, and effective communication and covers best practices for handling key people issues, including staffing, resource maximization, and performance management.

Customer Experience          
Combining practical concepts and skills-based sessions, Bob provides valuable insight into creating effective customer communications, connecting with your customers, and empowering your customers. Bob will explore topics like creating a service culture, customer satisfaction, call center management, and more.

Metrics and Measurements
Performance measurement is a critical activity for any effective service and support organization. Bob explores the metrics and KPIs you are and should be measuring, as well as how to determine if your data says what you think it says and how to effectively report the most meaningful metrics. This information will help you make the proper decisions and take the appropriate actions for continuous improvement.