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Bob is a results-driven Service Management Expert with an unwavering focus on delivering world-class satisfaction. Bob’s talks are informative, entertaining and insightful.


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● Setting Expectations – 5 keys to successful engagements
● Delegation – 7 strategies to grow by letting go
● Career Passion – 6 secrets that will double your salary
● Perception is reality – 3 ways to manage perceptions of your team
● Culture of excellence – 5 things you can do today to instill a culture of excellence
● Leaving a powerful legacy – 5 essential steps to making a difference today, tomorrow and for generations to come
● Our job is not IT…Our job is keeping users productive – 5 things you can do today to ensure customer satisfaction
● Mastering Service Delivery – Top 10 keys to successful balancing customer expectations and company needs
● Designing a positive support structure – 3 things that will change how you think about IT support forever